It's the Best Flippin' Series Ever!

This 4-part series presented by Patch of Land will unlock advanced strategies for finding, funding, fixing, and flipping real estate. If you're a Real Estate Developer, or just interested in the process of fixing and flipping homes, then The Best Flippin' Series Ever is the podcast for you. Learn the strategies of successful real estate flippers and discover how they were able to grow and expand their business.

In Episode #1 you’ll hear about how to find the best flippin’ deals.

Best Ever Flippin’ Panelists:

Some of the powerful strategies you’ll discover:

  • The simple and powerful 1/3 rule
  • How to stay in touch in relevant ways with prospects
  • The importance of being able to tie up a deal
  • All the ways to find good deals and the most effective

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We hope you enjoyed part 1 of our 4-part series. Stay tuned for more to come soon!

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Investors drove the markets -  The hefty home price increases of 2012 and 2013 were nourished by first-time investors, and some large Wall Street firms with access to nearly free money that QE and ZIRP made available to them. They plowed billions every month into the buy-to-rent scheme. When prices soared past where it made sense for them, they pulled back. 

And now we are seeing those properties being spun off - good opportunities for serious investors.   Funds are readily available through most lenders for original purchase, or for those investors that like to buy with cash to optimize the bargaining position, refi's to free up that cash are also available !!

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